Scientific Committee

The scientific committee is currently composed as follows:

Eric Allémann (Genève)
Martien Cohen Stuart (Wageningen)
Imre Dekany (Szeged)
Roque Hidalgo-Álvarez (Granada)
Otto Glatter (Graz)
Rüdiger Iden (Ludwigshafen)
Jörg Kreuter (Frankfurt)
Marie-Paule Pileni (Paris)
Peter Schurtenberger (Fribourg)
Brian Vincent (Bristol)
Hakan Wennerström (Lund)

The scientific committee and the local organizing committee will examine all contributed oral presentations and select the ones to be presented at the conference. The selection criteria are scientific originality and quality, suitability of the topic for the conference, and representative distribution among scientific groups, institutions, and countries. Normally, the authors of rejected oral presentations will be offered a possibility to present a poster.

Last updated December 4, 2006.