Contributions and Scope

The conference covers the entire field of colloid and interface science, ranging from fundamentals to applied aspects. Specifically, the topics considered include properties of interfaces, colloidal particles and surfactants, their interactions with ions, small molecules, polymers, and biomolecules, the resulting self-assembling nanostructures, aggregates, gels, or colloidal crystals. Further topics of specific interest are micelles, microemulsions, emulsions, foams, and applications of these systems in foods, cosmetics, ceramics and, with particular emphasis, on pharmaceutical applications in drug delivery and surface-based sensors. The conference further includes the relevant synthetic and analytical techniques, theory, and computer simulation. In particular, the following topics will be considered in detail:

1. Nanoparticles and composite materials: Colloidal particles in the entire nanometer to micrometer size range, nanostructured materials, polymer-mineral composites

2. Colloidal dispersions: Properties of dilute and concentrated colloidal suspensions, colloidal crystals, glasses, and aggregation processes

3. Surface forces: Measurement and interpretation of surface forces and interactions in colloidal systems

4. Interfaces: Solid and fluid interfaces, adsorption processes, thin films and coatings

5. Self-assembly: Surfactants, microemulsions, emulsions and other self-assembling systems

6. Encapsulation: Encapsulation techniques and delivery systems with emphasis on pharmaceutical applications

7. Applications: Biological, industrial and environmental applications of colloid and interface science

Contributions have to be submitted through the on-line abstract system following the link at the bottom of the page. Please note that you have to register not later than upon notification of acceptance of your presentation.

Poster presentations: Accepted poster presentations have to be prepared on one or several sheets of paper of maximum total height of 119 cm and maximum total width of 84 cm (portrait A0). The organizers provide pins, tape and boards. The poster presenters must attend the conference and be available during the poster sessions.

Oral presentations: Accepted oral contributions are presented in one of the two parallel sessions during 20 min including discussion, using either an electronic file (ppt, pdf) on an available Windows computer or the author’s notebook with standard video screen connector. The speakers must upload their files to the computer in the respective room or otherwise notify the technical staff of their presence at least one hour before the start of the session. Presenters, who did not contact the staff sufficiently in advance, risk loosing their presentation slot. Presentations using slides and/or transparencies are only accepted with prior written agreement of the conference chair.

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